Life Lesson Learned

I never realized that the face wash that you used affected how your skin looked and felt. Face wash used to just be something I bought without knowing which one did to blemishes or what substances it contained.

I did not realize this until I started using a spot treating facial soap that dried out my skin. This facial soap did not leave my face looking vibrant or smooth, instead it did the opposite.

Then I realized that there was a facial soap that helped my blemishes vanish. The facial soap I used that really help my skin is a soap I bought from Lush. I highly recommend trying different types of facial washes before just settling to one.

So now I try to stick to a daily routine that works with my skin so that it is not overworked but always fresh and clean. It might take some time to get in the swing of what your face routine will need to be in order for your skin to look it’s best but it is worth it.

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Then What? (Charcoal Edition)

One day I tried to do a mask that would help with black heads. Most people get black heads in their T-zone which is the forehead, nose, and chin. When I did the first charcoal mask I used a store bought mask. The mask contained charcoal and sugar mixed together. I followed the instructions for this mask by washing my face, applying the mask, and leaving it on for 10 minutes. While the mask was on my face I felt the ingrediants cleansing my face. However, once I washed it off I saw no real difference.

After trying that mask I tried a DIY mask from online. This mask is made by mixing charcoal tablets with Elmer’s glue. The charcoal tablets I bought were from Target but you can find them in almost any other drugstore. Once I mixed the 2 charcoal tablets with a good amount of Elmer’s glue I applied it on y nose. I left this mask on until it was completely dry and then peeled it off. I felt that this mask did make a difference because my nose looked clearer and felt smoother.

I soon realized that I preferred another mask than the two I just explained. The mask I like the best to help clear my skin and get rid of black heads is Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Peet Off Mask. This mask can be found at Target and it does wonders. My face felt rejuvenated after one use. I recommend this mask for anyone suffering with blackheads.

So now I strictly use the Yes To Tomatoes mask but also keep searching for other masks that might top this one. It is important to never stop searching for alternative ways to get clear and healthy skin. I hope that everyone tries each of the masks listed because everyone’s skin is different so other methods might work better for one person’s skin than another’s.

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Changing Your Mind About Normal Chemically Based Facial Masks and Cleansers

I believe that making natural masks with basic ingredients is very helpful and fun. I think that using normal natural products is safer for your face. Using other products can ruin your face and it can become permanent damage over time.

But society proved me wrong by showing me that some man made masks that do not contain all natural ingredients can also be helpful for your skin. Some chemically based formulas can get rid of blemishes on a person’s face way quicker then a natural mask. I thought that maybe I was going along with my skin routine completely wrong if I could use a simple one step chemical to use on my face.

But then I looked into how the chemicals actually reacted to your face. The way some chemicals are used and what they actually do to the skin is harmful instead of helpful. The containers might say that they can diminish blemishes in 4 hours which should show someone right there that it is not good for your skin.

So now I know that the best way to care for your skin is with all natural remedies made in the kitchen. It is fine to use beauty products with chemicals in them but it is import that the main thing included in a daily skin routines is mostly with all natural products.

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Then What?

One day I went to a cosmetics store to by beauty supplies for my face. I bought different types of face wash, masks, and make up. I was so excited to use all my products and it cost a lot of money so I knew that it was all well worth it. I had a daily routine for my skin when I woke and when I went to bed. It was always the same, rinse with water, wash with face wash, apply mask, and wash off and go to sleep. I went by this routine for as long as I could remember.

After using all these products on my face I started to notice that my face felt rough. My face started to get irritated and it felt very tight. I realized that it was also starting to flake and I tried to figure out what had happened for my face to become this way. Once I took a good look at my skin I realized the problem right away. My skin was dry.

I soon figured out that the reason it was dry is because I never put lotion on my face. I always had lotion that I applied frequently on my body. However, I never thought once of using any lotion on my face. I never put lotion on my face because I have naturally oily skin and I hated when the lotion would make my face look more oily then what it already was. But since I wasn’t putting any lotion on my face at all it was extremely dry. I read more about how I could solve my flakey dry skin and the answer was simple, lotion. I was not excited about this idea because I did not like wearing it due to my oily skin. But little did I know I was actually hurting my skin by not putting any on.

So now lotion is a big part of my daily skin routine. I learned that putting moisturizers on your face is very important when wanting to achieve healthy skin. Moisturizers and lotion protect your skin from a number of different things including the sun, aging, wrinkles, irritation, and dryness. Since I’ve started wearing moisturizer I see an incredible difference in how my skin feels and looks. If anyone feels hesitant towards wearing moisturizers on your skin, don’t be. Moisturizers can benefits many aspects of your skin. Also, my oily skin has not gone away but I have learned that there are products and mask available to help with the oil for better looking skin.

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Stream of Consciousness

I did a mask one time and it was amazing and I have been doing them ever since. My skin felt so smooth and it looked so nice. I love doing mask and I do one almost every week. My mom says that it is probably bad for my skin to do them so often but I’m addicted. My favorite mask is mixing honey and cinnamon together. It leaves my face so soft and I would choose that mask over any other one. I’ve tried to get my sister into doing masks and she will do them once in awhile. I like to make and apply masks because it is fun and beneficial.

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Then What?

One day I tried a pore tightening mask. The mask was made from egg whites and sugar. One tablespoon of sugar mixed with one egg white is needed for the mask. It is important that the yolk of the egg is not included because it will not bubble correctly.

After I tried the mask I noticed that it was so great and beneficial to my skin. My face looked and felt smooth. My pores were smaller and tighter. I highly recommend this mask if anyone is feeling like their face needs a pick me up.

Then I started doing the mask every month or month and a half and I believe that it can really help anyones skin. Some people might not like this mask because it can be super effective to the point where they feel their skin is too tight.

So now I tell people to try it out on a part of their skin before doing it to their whole face. Results on everyone are different so don’t knock it till you actually try it on your own skin.

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Changing Your Mind About Face Masks

    I believe that face masks are a waste of money. Many brands sell their own face masks and they can be very pricey when it comes to specific products. I don’t think they are worth all the money because I am not sure if they actually help your skin. I also think that they are very messy and hard to handle.

    But society proved me wrong by showing me that face masks actually help your skin. Face masks have shown to be very helpful to my skin. Once I’ve tried face masks they have shown me a significant difference in the way my skin feels and looks. My skin feels more rejuvenated, hydrated, and smooth

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    So then I believe that face masks are worth every penny. I have confidence in transformations for someones’ face when doing a mask. Many people have their doubts that the masks don’t help their skin but once they find the ones they do they will see the difference. Face masks are very easy to find because they are in a lot of department stores.

Photo Diana Schnuth 2010 © (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

    But then I did a face mask that irritated my skin. I decided to do a face mask that I was told is very helpful but instead it ended badly. My skin was red and dry. There was no wayto reverse what happened to my skin except applying moisturizers and waiting for it to heal over time. Precautions are important when doing masks. Anyone doing a mask should make sure to test a patch of their skin before applying it to their whole face.

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     So now I know that face masks are worth the money but I have to be careful about which ones I use. Many face masks are beneficial and valuable. Always remember that all masks aren’t meant for all skin types. The outcome may not be what you want but try others to find your favorites



Soothing Skin Mask



  • mix 1 tsp of matcha powder and 1 tsp of honey
  • rinse your face with water and dry
  • apply the mask to your face
  • leave the mask on for 20 minutes
  • wash your face with warm water
  • moisturize your face

This mask is a great way to help soothe your face if you have any redness and helps prevent acne.


Face Mask That Gives You A Natural Glow


  • 1/2 of a banana
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda


  • rinse your face with warm water
  • mash the banana
  • mix in the honey and baking soda
  • apply to your face
  • leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes
  • wash off

This mask should leave your skin feeling smooth and leaving it with a nice glow. This mask also helps to fight acne.



Revival Mask


  • 1 teaspoon of oatmeal (plain)
  • 1 teaspoon of yogurt (plain)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


  • Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix together
  • Apply to washed face
  • Leave the mask on for 20 minutes and then wash off

Make sure that the oatmeal is made with water and cooked before preparing your face mask, do not use uncooked oats.