Life Lesson Learned

I never realized that the face wash that you used affected how your skin looked and felt. Face wash used to just be something I bought without knowing which one did to blemishes or what substances it contained.

I did not realize this until I started using a spot treating facial soap that dried out my skin. This facial soap did not leave my face looking vibrant or smooth, instead it did the opposite.

Then I realized that there was a facial soap that helped my blemishes vanish. The facial soap I used that really help my skin is a soap I bought from Lush. I highly recommend trying different types of facial washes before just settling to one.

So now I try to stick to a daily routine that works with my skin so that it is not overworked but always fresh and clean. It might take some time to get in the swing of what your face routine will need to be in order for your skin to look it’s best but it is worth it.

images.jpeg                    Unknown.jpeg

Unknown-2.jpeg             Unknown-1.jpeg


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