Changing Your Mind About Normal Chemically Based Facial Masks and Cleansers

I believe that making natural masks with basic ingredients is very helpful and fun. I think that using normal natural products is safer for your face. Using other products can ruin your face and it can become permanent damage over time.

But society proved me wrong by showing me that some man made masks that do not contain all natural ingredients can also be helpful for your skin. Some chemically based formulas can get rid of blemishes on a person’s face way quicker then a natural mask. I thought that maybe I was going along with my skin routine completely wrong if I could use a simple one step chemical to use on my face.

But then I looked into how the chemicals actually reacted to your face. The way some chemicals are used and what they actually do to the skin is harmful instead of helpful. The containers might say that they can diminish blemishes in 4 hours which should show someone right there that it is not good for your skin.

So now I know that the best way to care for your skin is with all natural remedies made in the kitchen. It is fine to use beauty products with chemicals in them but it is import that the main thing included in a daily skin routines is mostly with all natural products.

Unknown-1.jpeg     Unknown.jpeg


Unknown-2.jpeg     getty_rf_photo_of_girls_with_different_skin_types.jpg





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