Then What?

One day I went to a cosmetics store to by beauty supplies for my face. I bought different types of face wash, masks, and make up. I was so excited to use all my products and it cost a lot of money so I knew that it was all well worth it. I had a daily routine for my skin when I woke and when I went to bed. It was always the same, rinse with water, wash with face wash, apply mask, and wash off and go to sleep. I went by this routine for as long as I could remember.

After using all these products on my face I started to notice that my face felt rough. My face started to get irritated and it felt very tight. I realized that it was also starting to flake and I tried to figure out what had happened for my face to become this way. Once I took a good look at my skin I realized the problem right away. My skin was dry.

I soon figured out that the reason it was dry is because I never put lotion on my face. I always had lotion that I applied frequently on my body. However, I never thought once of using any lotion on my face. I never put lotion on my face because I have naturally oily skin and I hated when the lotion would make my face look more oily then what it already was. But since I wasn’t putting any lotion on my face at all it was extremely dry. I read more about how I could solve my flakey dry skin and the answer was simple, lotion. I was not excited about this idea because I did not like wearing it due to my oily skin. But little did I know I was actually hurting my skin by not putting any on.

So now lotion is a big part of my daily skin routine. I learned that putting moisturizers on your face is very important when wanting to achieve healthy skin. Moisturizers and lotion protect your skin from a number of different things including the sun, aging, wrinkles, irritation, and dryness. Since I’ve started wearing moisturizer I see an incredible difference in how my skin feels and looks. If anyone feels hesitant towards wearing moisturizers on your skin, don’t be. Moisturizers can benefits many aspects of your skin. Also, my oily skin has not gone away but I have learned that there are products and mask available to help with the oil for better looking skin.

images.jpeg              F_18716.jpg

images-1.jpeg              Unknown.jpeg


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