Then What?

One day I tried a pore tightening mask. The mask was made from egg whites and sugar. One tablespoon of sugar mixed with one egg white is needed for the mask. It is important that the yolk of the egg is not included because it will not bubble correctly.

After I tried the mask I noticed that it was so great and beneficial to my skin. My face looked and felt smooth. My pores were smaller and tighter. I highly recommend this mask if anyone is feeling like their face needs a pick me up.

Then I started doing the mask every month or month and a half and I believe that it can really help anyones skin. Some people might not like this mask because it can be super effective to the point where they feel their skin is too tight.

So now I tell people to try it out on a part of their skin before doing it to their whole face. Results on everyone are different so don’t knock it till you actually try it on your own skin.

Unknown.jpeg          Unknown-1.jpeg

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